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Reds Racing New R5R 5.0

Reds Racing new R5R Racer 5.0 is now available.

The new R5R Racer 5.0 has been provided with a brand new one piece cooling head to improve engine cooling and efficiency.

The new engine has been designed with a 5 ports sleeve and crankshaft timing to improve fuel efficiency and drivability and is suitable for both buggy and truggy.

This new engine is equipped with the best technology to improve reliability and guarantee the best performance on all terrains. R5R Racer factory tuned guarantees the same performance as a Pro engine at reasonable price. 

Every single engine is hand inspected and compression checked inside REDS Racing headquarters by Mario Rossi to achieve the highest quality standards. 

R5R RACER main features: 5 ports sleeve with boosters, HCX Horizontal carburetor, silicon filled and tuned crankshaft, high sealing made in Japan front bearing, Swiss made steel high quality rear bearing.

It is recommendable to match the new engine only with REDS Racing original pipes, manifolds and optional parts. We advise using REDS 2143 or 2104 pipe and REDS S manifold:

- 2104 for a smoother power delivery and more top speed. 

- 2143 for more torque and mid range power.

Available versions:

ENBU00025   R5R RACER 5.0

COBU0015   R5R RACER 5.0 + EFRA 2104 pipe and S Manifold


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