RC engines require specific break in procedures representing a critical step that will affect their future life and performance. For this reason REDS Racing is pleased  to offer the possibility of two safe and professional break in procedures that suit all REDS engines: Pre-break in service by Mario Rossi which needs to be concluded on the racetrack and the complete Race Ready service by Elliott Boots that only requires carburation adjustment.


The first option we present is Pre-break in service by Mario Rossi, a break-in bench service consuming 0.5 liters of high quality fuel and would need to be continued on the racetrack. After the pre-break in service the engine is disassembled and checked at the factory by Mario Rossi before heading to the customers. We advise to finish the break in on a track for a further 1 liters.


Race Ready by Elliott Boots is the ultimate break in service that gives you the chance to get your engine personally broken in by  2 x times European Champion Elliott Boots.
The break in and final tuning is made directly on the car using the best quality fuel to ensure performance and reliability. You only need to assemble clutch and exhaust together and mount the engine to the car.
Once the engine is mounted you will be able to compete in race conditions from the get go. Thanks to this service no break in procedure is necessary with these engines and all you have to do is adjust the carburetor. Carburetor adjustment may be necessary if the air temperature is higher or lower than at the time of break in. 
Both services are available on the whole REDS products range including the new Worlds Edition combo. Regarding Race Ready engines by Elliott Boots you can choose to combine Team Edition or Evoke engines in a Combo kit with their own exhaust and/or Quattro clutch system that will be broken in as well.
If you choose a specific combo with a certain pipe and manifold, the engine will be broken in to Race Ready performance with the same combination you have chosen.