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521 gts gen2

REDS Racing is excited to introduce the new 521 GTS GEN 2 engine specifically developed for 1:8 nitro gt class. The new 521 GTS GEN 2 engine features high power, tuning stability and great fuel mileage. Combined with specific technical changes at the carburetor, combustion chamber and front bearing, this 5 port engine features higher power and better fuel efficiency compared to any other engine.


We developed 3 different combinations for this engine: 521 GTS with steel bearing, 521 GTS with ceramic bearing and 521 GTS Pro Tuned by Mario Rossi with ceramic bearing. You can order all of them with or without pre break-in service.
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The new front bearing guarantees better sealing and high RPM range. The new front bearing assures a better idle stability since the rubber seal reduces leaking. Furthermore, thanks to this new bearing the engine and consequently the bearing itself is more reliable.


The biggest improvement is the brand new aluminum carburetor made from pressure die casting. The new GTS comes with a completely redesigned 3 needle carburetor for better and easier tuning in all conditions. Furthermore, thanks to its mid range needle, this carburetor guarantees more linear power delivery and greater power.The new carb has been specifically designed to fit the INS BOX homologated by EFRA and IFMAR. To match all the above features and improve product quality we have made a brand new die casting tool.
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New high torque 5 ports sleeve for improved torque and power output. 521 GTS Engine features new materials for piston, sleeve and crankcase in order to optimize thermal expansion and improve power. The idea was to develop a high power engine even more powerful than M5GT engine with exceptional fuel mileage. We have achieved it. Furthermore, The new 521 GTS comes with a completely redesigned combustion chamber to improve power delivery especially at low RPM (torque). This engine can work with both 16EU and 25% nitro fuel.


521 GTS is hand-tuned with a silicone-filled, balanced and tuned crankshaft by M. Rossi. Every single engine is hand inspected and compression checked inside REDS Racing headquarters by Mario and Marco Rossi to achieve the highest quality standards. This is core to the values that makes Reds Racing engines different from any other brand on the market.


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