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Reds Racing New V8 GEN4 Brushless Motor 7.jpg



Gen4 Motor efficiency has been heavily improved, effectively reducing temperature increase. Our main objective was to optimize motor structure in order to reduce motor temperature of about 20% and we achieved it. Thanks to new design and materials the Reds Gen4 Brushless motors are simply more reliable and efficient compared to the older versions. Furtherome, we have recently introduced a fan holder that combined with Reds Racing Fan makes motor operation even better.
Reds Racing Fan Holder 3 .jpg


Another important feature is the new dustproof design, specifically developed for off-road applications when dust and dirt could affect motor performance and duration. REDS 1/8th GEN4 motors have been designed to provide exceptional power, smoothness and driveability in combination with high efficiency and really low temperature operation.

Reds Racing V8 Gen4 Pro line features an extremely high level of accuracy and quality. Every motor is hand-tested and hand-inspected to achieve the best product standards on the market.

REDS V8 Gen3 features a dual sensor design to make it suitable for every type of car layout. Capable of both sensored and sensorless operations, the new line is ideal for 1/8 Buggy, Truggy, GT and On-Road categories and is available in three KV options of 1900KV, 2100KV and 2500KV
Reds Racing New V8 GEN4 Brushless Motor 8.jpg



Following the same production process and quality standards of the well-known 1/8 DURABELL™ Clutch Bell. The new 1 mm module long wear Pinions are made of high quality steel and the special heat treatment allows the teeth to last longer than any other standard pinion gear on the market, transferring power from the motor to the center spur gear and the rest of the drivetrain with more efficiency and reliability. Furthermore,the special surface treatment increases surface quality and wear resistance.
Reds Racing Duragear adv copia.jpg


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