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REDS Racing Clutch retainer and new bearing for Tekno/Losi

REDS Racing has just released their Clutch Retainer to install REDS Durabell and Tetra Clutch System on Losi and Tekno cars. It allows to capture the bearing and clutch bell to keep everything in place, even in the event of bearing failure. REDS retainer is made of special alloy steel to increase durability. Furthermore, we have introduced a new clutch bell bearing 5x13x4 mm heavy duty metal shielded made in Japan.

#MUCN0003 …. 13 teeth DURABEL for Tekno/Losi #MUCN0004 …. 14 teeth DURABEL for Tekno/Losi #MU0115R ….... BEARINGS 5x10x4 mm HEAVY DUTY MADE IN JAPAN 2pcs #MUQU0048 …. BEARINGS 5x13x4 mm HEAVY DUTY MADE IN JAPAN 2pcs #MUQU0018 …. CLUTCH RETAINER WASHER OFF ROAD LOSI / TEKNO #MUQU0021 …. CLUTCH TETRA 4 SHOES D32 #MUQU0022 …. CLUTCH TETRA 4 SHOES D34

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