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REDS Engines #1 and #2 at Top 25 Rankings

After the recent competitions such as the Dirt Nitro Challenge, Silver State, Neobuggy, Nordic Contest and others REDS team drivers Ryan Maifield and Elliott Boots are leading the Top 25 Ranking (Ryan Maifiled in 1st position and Elliott Boots in 2nd).

Ryan Maifield has been leading the ranking since the 2017 Dirt Nitro Challenge race while Factory Team driver Elliot Boots continues a string of great results by winning the Nordic Contest. Boots had a long battle with David Ronnefalk while separating themselves from the rest of the field on the brutal racing surface. With the win, Boots makes the move up the list to the #2 ranking.

The engine mostly chosen by our team was REDS WR7 Diamond. REDS engines worked flawlessly during all these races.

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