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REDS Racing is pleased to introduce the new EFRA 2143 pipe set. The new exhaust is designed to increase fuel economy and torque of REDS engines. REDS 2143 in combination with S manifold increases runtime of about 30-40 seconds depending on the track and surface grip. Enjoy up to nine minutes of run time or more per tank with the REDS R7 Evoke and Quattro 4-shoe clutch system. The pipe guarantees an increase of torque up to 5%. It produces a precise throttle response in the low to mid RPM range, combine this with smooth and linear performance up to the high RPM range to produce a great power curve. All these characteristics make the new pipe perfect for tracks that have long jumps typical of USA tracks. Available versions: MA210001 PIPE REDS 3.5CC EFRA 2143 KM210009 PIPE 2143 + MANIFOLD S KIT 3.5CC BUGGY

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