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REDS new 13.5T and 21.5T High Torque Motors

REDS Racing has just released their new VX 540 2 Pole “HIGH TORQUE” 13.5T and 21.5T motors. REDS Racing is always improving and developing in all the fields we are specialized to guarantee the best performance.

We introduced 13.5T and 21.5T High Torque Motors to increase low RPM torque for both Formula and Touring Stock Blinky mode categories.The motor guarantees a torque increase maintiaining top speed unchanged. In this way, we have a reduction of the heat produced by the motor in order to get higher performance.

13.5T and 21.5T motors are available also in Factory Selected versions. We advise to use REDS Motors only with REDS TX120 to further improve performance. #REDS #GivesYouPower! Learn more here:!vx-540-motor/c21wa

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