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Yaniv Sivan TQ&Wins Israeli league Rd6

Last weekend the 6 round of the Israeli league in memory of Omer London took place at the Nir Moshe racing track. After 3 qualifications rounds Yaniv Sivan took the TQ overall, Omer Assayag is second and Tal Siles is third. The 40 min race started with Yaniv Sivan in pole position, but he made 2 mistakes at the early laps. Omer Assayag took the lead both changed positions after the 5 min mark Yaniv Sivan took the first position and started to open a gap on the rest of the field. Meanwhile an amazing battle for second and third were held between Tal Siles, Ofer Avitan and Aviv Mimon. At the 30 min Tal Siles manages to take the second position in front of Ofer Avitan. The positions don’t change until the end. Yaniv Sivan won the race, Tal Siles passed the finishing line in second behind him 0.13 sec and Ofer Avian finished in third.

Five drivers out of 10 were using REDS engines during the main final:

1- Yaniv Sivan - Reds R7

2- Tal Siles

3- Ofer Avitan - Reds R7

4- Aviv Mimon

5- Itay Eskenazi

6- Ido Carmon - Reds R7

7- Or Ronzentsvaig

8- Gil Harush - Reds R7

9- Daniel Hershkovits - Reds R7

10- Omer Assayag

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