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Cody King wins at Grass Roots series

Thunder Alley RC Raceway of Beaumont, California held the Grass Roots series this past Sunday with the one day event attracting over 200 entries.

In the 1/8th Buggy Expert A-main, TQ holder Cody King (R7 Evoke engine, 2104 pipe and S mainfold) took the win some 5 seconds in front of runner-up Shawn Kirkman. Clayton Saxton would round out the top 3 result some 11 seconds short of Shawn.

Cody has this to say about the race: I was able to wrap up the expert buggy win yesterday at the Grass Roots series. The Kyosho cars were really good, and I want to say congratulations to Jimmy Pierce who won the 40+ class, and James Deely who won Intermediate buggy. That made it a Kyosho MP9 3 class sweep. The K-cars were fast in qualifying, and the only cars to do 31 second laps. Colin Herzig finished in the 4th spot, and Ricky Rodriguez qualified 2nd and gave me a run for my money on pole position. All the Kyosho cars did well. I ran Proline M3 Holeshots in the final, and ran the new M3 Switchblade tire in qualifying. My lap times were pretty close with both tires. The switchblades had tons of traction. Thanks very much to Thunder Alley and Larry Cerquettini for hosting the event. 200+ entries tells me nitro is alive and well, and at 20 bucks a class, and one day, people don't want to spend a lot of time and money. Next stop Vegas for the Nitro Encounter. See everyone out there.


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