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Ryan Maifield Joins REDS Racing

Ryan Maifield has been confirmed as a part of the REDS Racing driver line-up for 2016/2017. Maifield, a multi-time champion will debut his Horizon Hobbies Jconcept Losi at The Dirt Nitro Challenge. The off-road season opener will be held February 16-21.

The legacy Ryan is building is very impressive, and we are very proud to be a part of it. Off-road is incredibly competitive and Ryan is certainly one of the top 3 or 4 to beat at any event. At REDS we are very fortunate to have several top level drivers like Elliott, Cody and Cole. All of them have the skill to win Worlds this year. - Mario Rossi

Ryan's impressive resume began in 2006 he won his first ROAR National, At the date of this post, six more ROAR National Championships have followed in various classes. A contender at every major event that nitro has had to offer, He has racked up some impressive wins at Dirt Nitro Challenge, Silver State.

Ryan has competed in two Worlds events with impressive qualifying but RC gremlins have kept him from the coveted title.

Ryan's early testing of both the R5T Team Editon 3.0 and R7 2.0 Evoke is making it hard to choose a favorite. Combined with the REDS Quattro Clutch, he is proving already it is a winning combination.


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