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Cody King wins Easy Money race at Thunder Alley

First annual Easy Money race at Thunder Alley RC Raceway is in the books, and it was a fun day of racing. The main was a battle as Kody Neumedahl and Richard Saxton got around me early. I chased them down and got around them but crashed and dropped back to 4th again.

A lot of cars had issues, maybe because of the heat, but my Reds R7 hung tough even though the tune was slightly lean. I actually came in for a tune to richen the engine on my first fuel stop. After that my car was a little easier to drive. Richard was surprisingly tough to get around, but eventually I would lap the field on my way to the win.

At the end it would be local fast guy Steve Harris in 2nd and Chad Panek in 3rd.

Big thanks to Larry Cerquettini at Thunder Alley for hosting the event, and all the guys for coming out. I'm really looking forward to this race again for next year.

Engine Setup:

R7 Evoke

Header REDS S

Pipe REDS 2112

Insert REDS 6.5mm


Clutch Kyosho

Gear Ratio 13/46

Fuel Byron World Blend

Fuel Stop: 7:30 - 8:00 min

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