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REDS Racing goes 1-2 at Round 3 of the BRCA 1/8 Truggy National!

REDS Racing goes 1-2 at Round 3 of the BRCA 1/8 Truggy Nationals with Elliott Boots taking TQ and win and Jack Embling finishing in 2nd.

Race Report by Team Boots (Written by Liam Galvin - Mechanic)

So it was 'up North' for this weekends National, at the new Wakefield track. The team had managed to turn at track from flat to a raceable venue in only 8 weeks with a tiny team of workers! Well done all the Skidmore's and the rest of the team for the hard work. A very different surface faced us, being very loose and a very earthy/peat like dirt.

We received the new Kyosho ST-RR Evo 2 at the beginning of the week, and Mick Craddock managed to turn around the build in time for us to run it for the first time, big thanks Mick for the hard work!

Practice: We decided to fit a set of Proline Badland tyres from looking at the track and the surface that faced us. Hitting the track for the first time and the car was looking great, instantly looking at ease with the Truck having not ran one for a few years! Lap times were great and fastest of all on a lap pace.

Qualifying Round 1: We made a change to the wheelbase after practice to help stop the car squat so much on power, and to calm the rear rotation slightly. The change made a noticeable difference with the car now allowing us to lean on it more. Putting in a clean tidy run we ended up with TQ for the round.

Qualifying Round 2: We made another small change to the car, lowering the front roll center to help with steering. The change once again improved the car even further. On another TQ run once again, coming into the first jump section, the car took off and pitched to an unsaveable angle, landing badly on the face on the last jump damaging the front and ending our run. It would be down to the final run!

Qualifying Round 3: It would all come down to this run to see who would take the TQ. Running in the lead, we came to traffic and the car in front unfortunately decided to stop right on the racing line straight in front of us! We ended up stuck under his rear wing and lost a lot of time due to it, and would end up coming home in 2nd for the round less than 1 second from TQ! A shame as the rest of the run had been prefect.

The results for Overall were printed and it had placed us top! However when the finals sheet were posted we qualified 2nd, as the race director explained that the PC hadn't calculated on fastest run time, but on all 3 results which isn't how tiebreakers are solved. So we would line up 2nd on the grid.

Final - 30mins: The final got underway with us starting in our 2nd place grid slot. Jack made a small error going over the first jump section, and we would take up the lead. Once out front we began to start building a gap from 2nd, and made our first stop for fuel at 7:30 rather than 10 as we had built up a comfortable lead, so there was no need to risk anything. It would be plain sailing for the rest of the final, building more of a gap over second place. We would end up taking the win by over a lap from second place! Everything worked perfectly!

Winning equipment used: Kyosho ST-RR EVO 2 Proline Bandlands 3.8" mounted on Proline VTR Wheels REDS R5T V3.0 - REDS 2104 Pipe - REDS S Manifold - REDS No 5 Plug Byron 25% Worlds Blend Sanwa Transmitter Sanwa SRG-BZX Type R Servo's LRP 2700 RX Pack Maugraphix Decals

Next race meet up for us is 10th National at EPR next weekend, hopefully see you there! Till then enjoy your racing and have fun!

Thanks for reading as always

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