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Kyosho UK goes REDS Racing in UK!

Kyosho UK will distribute REDS Racing line into UK. The whole REDS 2015 line will be available in the Kyosho UK network. The REDS distribution is a part of a REDS and FDL / Kyosho Group global strategy of development on the high end racing engine market. REDS Racing offers a complete line of Racing engines tuned by Mario Rossi: the R5R is the first engine of the line and features a silicon filled and tuned crankshaft, a set of exclusive bearings, a tuned sleeve and Mario Rossi’s new invention, the HCX carburetor.

The R5T Team Edition and R7 Evoke are the Elliott/Cody’s replica: they feature silicon filled, balanced and tuned crankshaft; RDC hard coating back plate; a tuned sleeve; high sealing front ball bearing; rear ceramic high quality bearing and Mario Rossi’s new invention, the HCX carburetor.

The on road line is built around two version of tuning for the M7 .21 engine‏. They feature a lightweight cooling system,flat piston, ceramic Swiss made rear ball bearing and RDC (Diamond) coating back-plate.

redsracing-kyosho-uk - Copia.jpg

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