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Stringer double Podium in Brisbane!

redsracing-brisbane-stringer (2)_edited.jpg

Report by Aaron and Mark Striger.

Around 100 drivers attended the Queensland State Titles held at the Logan off Road Club in Brisbane. Aaron was entered in Buggy and Truggy. This was the same club/track that hosted the Australian National Titles for 2014, so we were expecting a good showing.


Due to work commitments we didn't get down till late Friday afternoon which meant we missed all of practice, the first round of qualifying and the 2nd round qualifier for Truggy by 10mins due to traffic issues. We did make it for the 2nd round of Buggy qualifying, Aaron hit the new track and laid down a great run to finished 2nd for the round. So in the end we drove 3 hours for 7 mins of racing but was a good 7 mins!!!.


We arrived bright and early Saturday morning for another 3 rounds of qualifying. We needed all of these in Truggy as we did not get a run in on Friday. First was Truggy which Aaron drove perfectly to TQ. Next was Buggy and another 2nd for the round overall had us looking good.Round 4 and Aaron once again scored a TQ in Truggy another second in Buggy for the round. Things were looking good for the Buggy with 3 2nd places assuring us a spot in the A-Main. We just needed one more decent run in the Truggy and we would secure TQ and a good starting spot in teh A-Main. Unfortunately we had DNF due to a mechanical failure. This saw us drop to 8th for the A-Main,right in the middle of the 15 car field and where all the carnage happens. The last run in Buggy was epic as we missed TQ by 2 of a second!!!!


The cars looked dialled for the 10 min practice session prior to the A-Mains. Truggy was up first and Aaron got a great start and was in 2nd place by the 2nd lap. After a good Tussle with S-Workz team driver Shane Freiberg, Aaron pulled away and never lost the lead winning by 2 laps in the 45min A-Main. The Buggy A-Main was the last race and what a race it was, the lead changed a few times but in the end we took a brilliant second place to cap off a great weekend.

Overall the REDS Engines performed faultlessly for the 3 days in temps as high as 36 degrees Celsius.

Buggy set up:

REDS R5T Team Edition, REDS TS4 Plug, REDS 7mm venturi, REDS Short Header, REDS 2104 pipe, REDS Steel Flywheel (4 shoe), REDS Alloy shoes x 4, low setting on the clutch.

Truggy set up:

REDS R5T Team Edition, REDS TS4 Plug, REDS 7mm venturi, REDS Extra Short Header, REDS 2113 pipe, REDS Alloy Flywheel (4 shoe), REDS Alloy shoes x 4, high setting on the clutch.

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