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Boots 3rd place at Neo Race

The #NeoRace was held at Rédovan track in Alicante, Spain this past weekend. 🇪🇸 The event was attended by several international drivers. 🏁 We had 2 Factory Team drivers in the 1-hour Main Final. REDS Racing Team driver Elliott Boots managed to finish 3rd with his WR5 Black Diamond engine and REDS X-One 2104 Smooth pipe behind Robert Battle and Davide Ongaro. Factory Team driver Ricardo Monteiro managed to finish 9th with REDS WR7 engine and X-One 2104 smooth pipe. Congratulations to all REDS Racing Team drivers for their successful results achieved at the Neo race. Elliott Boots, Ricardo Monteiro, Joseph Quagraine, Max Mört, Joan Espasa, Dani Vega and many others!!! #REDSRacing #GivesYouPower 🏆

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