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WR7 Diamond HE™

REDS Racing WR7 Diamond™ is now available in two different models: REDS WR7 Diamond™ engine and REDS WR7 Diamond™ HE™ High Efficiency engine. WR7 Diamond™ LTD - STANDARD VERSION Item code: ENBU0011 REDS WR7 features the classic well known REDS 7 ports high power band. See: WR7 Diamond™ HE High Efficiency LTD - NEW Item code: ENBU0014 REDS WR7 HE High Efficiency engine has been provided with the same features as REDS WR7 engine (see: and it also features a low fuel consumption system and smooth power band for high driveability. We have been developing a new solution to reduce fuel consumption for years and to give our customers the possibility to drive a smooth power band which features low fuel consumption. REDS has been the first company to release the first high performance engine with REDS HE ™ technology.

Now the REDS HE ™ technology is available for REDS WR7 as well as REDS WR5 engine. Furthermore, we provided both WR7 engine and WR7 HE engine with an improved HCX™ Carburetor featuring a new Flow Improved Low Speed Needle and new 7075 Aluminum Fuel Intake for improved tuning stability in extreme temperatures.

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