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Aaron Stringer takes the Win at BDR!

stringer redsracing.jpg

Reported by Aaron and Mark Stringer

Over 50 drivers rolled up the for the re-running of the Christmas Cup. The race was held at Brisbane Dirt Racing (BDR) about 1.30 from home. The event was a day night race with practice set down for Friday night and the event proper to be on Saturday. Aaron was entered in Buggy and Truggy. We rolled up early friday to help the club prepare the track and grounds for the event. We hit the track at 6pm for our first practice run, straight away the car was on the pace with the REDS R5T Team Edition performing brillantly in both the Buggy and Truggy. We were feeling really good about the race on Saturday.


Racing kicked off at 1pm with 3 rounds of qualifying (2 to count) and ABC finals. For the Buggy we elected to start with a Steel flywheel and a Alloy fly wheel for the Truggy. After the 3 rounds Aaron was in 2nd for both classes.

Truggy Final

We then had a 1 hour break to allow the sun to set and prepare the lights for the night time finals. Truggy was up first and it was very tight between 1st and second, however, a mechanical issue saw us out at the 7min mark.

Buggy Final

After the lower finals we run and the winners bumped it was time for the Buggy A-Main, once again we were off position 2 in the A-Main. The race started and it very quickly became race of 2 with first and second swapping the lead on the first couple of laps, however, at about the 5 min mark our main competition suffered an issue and was forced to withdraw allowing Aaron to run away with the win by over 3 laps on 2nd place.

Overall the REDS R5T TEAM Edition performed faultlessly in both cars providing outstanding power and economy thought out the day and night.

Our set up for both car is as follows



XS Manifold

REDS 2113 pipe


Alloy Flywheel

4 x Alloy shoes on high setting



S Manifold

REDS 2104 pipe


Steel Flywheel

4 x Alloy shoes on low setting

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