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Marca: REDS Racing
UPC: 761000969666
REDS Racing New Clutch Retainer Titanium Screws have been designed to provide maximum efficiency. We decided to use Titanium Grade 5 6Al4V over steel due to high resistance and low weight.

The total length of the screw is 10mm, 7 mm of which are threaded. This means that the screw protrudes only 3mm from the crankshaft. In this way, you won�t risk any impact on the tank in case of chassis� deformation.

Moreover, these screws were designed to avoid any rubbing between the bearing and bell. In addition to that, the external diameter of the screws protects the bearing from dust and foreign bodies.

When mounting our New REDS Racing Clutch Retainer Titanium Screw we recommend not to use any type of thread lock and leave an axial play of 0.15-0.2mm in the coupling between the bell and the screws. It can be used with any engine and mounted on all 1/8 Buggy models.
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