X-ONE Exhaust System


The pipe comes welded to the manifold to improve performance and fuel consumption.
With the new X-ONE layout there is no need of using or replacing springs or gaskets for a better reliability and tuning stability.

X-ONE 2104

X-ONE 2104 Smooth guarantees smooth power delivery and high fuel economy. It is suitable for any type of track. X-ONE 2104 Smooth is featured by smooth power delivery and high top speed.
X-ONE 2104 Smooth > 2104 pipe welded to S manifold > featured by smooth power delivery and high top speed

X-ONE 2104

X-ONE 2104 Torque is featured by higher torque compared to the X-One smooth.
X-ONE 2104 Torque > 2104 pipe welded to M manifold >  featured by higher torque

X-ONE 2143

X-ONE 2143 Torque increases runtime of about 30-40 seconds depending on the track and surface grip. Enjoy up to nine minutes of run time or more per tank with the REDS R7 Evoke and Quattro 4-shoe clutch system. The pipe guarantees an increase of torque up to 5%. It produces a precise throttle response in the low to mid RPM range, combine this with smooth and linear performance up to the high RPM range to produce a great power curve. 
X-ONE 2143 Torque > 2143 pipe welded to S manifold >  featured by crisp power curve